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Renewable Energy Systems Australia has proposed the construction of a new renewable energy facility located on land approximately 30km west of Miles in the Western Downs Regional Council area.

The site is approximately 8,000ha of farmland used predominately for cattle grazing and some cropping. The project proposes to have minimal impact on the lands farming use, using less than 1% of the total land area.

The proposal is for a wind, solar and battery storage energy facility which will consist of up to 56 wind turbines, a solar farm with capacity to generate around 70MW of renewable energy and a containerised battery energy storage facility.

The design will be shaped by a number of detailed technical, engineering and environmental studies and assessments. Renewable Energy Systems Australia values community engagement and has stated that it is integral to this project. They are currently consulting with the local community and a wide number of stakeholders to provide information on the project as it develops and to seek valuable input into the final design. Most of the consultants undertaking these studies are based in Queensland and all have extensive experience in renewable energy development.

SOURCE: http://www.dulacca-renewableenergy.com.au/project/project-summary/