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Local communications business, Frontier Voice and Data will be unveiling state-of-the-art technology at the South Queensland Energy and Resources Expo at the Toowoomba Showgrounds on the 16th and 17th of October.

Frontier Voice and Data will be showcasing an augmented reality headset which can be snapped into safety helmets for complete hands-free operation. Plus an Australian designed, premium interactive touchscreen formulated to take classroom learning and boardroom presentations into the future.

The world’s best hands-free, wearable tablet, the realwear OPS7 is a fully rugged head-mounted device designed for use in wet, dusty, hot, dangerous and loud environments.

Companies can use these ruggedized, head-mounted computers with extendable boom-arm displays to speed the delivery of information to workers so that they can work more safely and effectively. Hands- free wearable computers bridge the gap between digital transformation and workers’ day-to-day activities. They can attach to safety helmets and utilize high-resolution micro-displays that effectively put what appears to the user as a 7-inch tablet screen just within workers’ field of view. It’s just like a personal dashboard one can glance down at.

‘The implications for this technology are far reaching and really only limited by our imagination,’ explained Phil Neidler, Director of Frontier Voice and Data. ‘Engineers, service technicians, facility managers and environmental health and safety officers can send this device anywhere in the world and then coach the worker in real time. With this technology, businesses are able to delegate jobs to individuals whilst being overseen by highly skilled professionals, from the other side of the world’. The OPS7 technology will save businesses time and money and increase productivity..

The second piece of technology being unveiled by Frontier Voice and Data in Queensland for the first time at the Expo is the CommBox, a hi-tech interactive touchscreen.

The creators of the CommBox touchscreen know that classrooms, boardrooms, training and meeting rooms, must be flexible. With touchscreens, you can present from the front or rear of the room or seated using a keyboard and mouse allowing the users much more flexibility when presenting.

‘There are some standout features that make the CommBox touchscreen a more appealing choice when it comes to presentation hardware,’ said Phil. ‘With the touchscreen, there is no calibration required, ever. You don’t need to replace lamps or move out of the way of a shadow from a projector lamp. All text and images are brighter and clearer on a touchscreen due to the higher resolution. The touchscreens have built in speakers, so there’s no need to worry about sound disconnecting during your presentations. From an environmental point of view, these devices use less energy and have a much longer life span than your standard projectors. A CommBox Touchscreen has a 17-year life expectancy and does not require maintenance.

Curious about these technological advances being showcased right here in Toowoomba for the first time in Queensland? Then head on down to see the team from Frontier Voice and Data at this years South Queensland Energy and Resources Expo at the Toowoomba Showgrounds on the 16th and 17th of October. You’ll find them at site 295, right near the food court.