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Rapid commercial construction can often take its toll on the environment. Flora and Fauna regeneration is a crucial component of any project and must be considered when planning any commercial construction or development.  Regenerating your job sites not only makes it look better after completion, but more importantly, re-establish a healthy ecosystem.

Without the right conditions, it can often take a long period of time before soil can be revived enough to allow native vegetation to flourish. Steeply sloped areas or mines can be almost impossible to regenerate organically. Fortunately, with the help of scientific advances, it is becoming easier than ever to sustainably revegetate an area in a short space of time.

Australian company, EnrivroStraw is one particular business that is making headway in sustainable environmental regeneration with the help of their science-backed, unique products. To find out more, talk to the knowledgeable team at EnviroStraw attending the 2019 South Queensland Energy and Resources Expo, site P224.