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The GasFields Commission has just released one of the most detailed reports into the Queensland gas industry and its interaction with agriculture ever produced.

‘Shared Landscapes’ reflects the fact that two primary industries, gas and agriculture, operate side by side on the one landscape and both are important industries to Queensland.

The report took more than a year of planning, data collection, analysis and design work to complete.

It stretches out to 117 pages of detailed data broken up into seven categories.

Where possible Shared Landscapes provides context in areas where the two industries overlap such as land use, economic contributions and water use.

First and foremost, Shared Landscapes is a very detailed report on the Queensland gas industry, possibly the most detailed ever produced.

It also includes agricultural data to highlight common themes around water use, employment, land use and exports in particular.

The two industries are operating side by side and sharing resources in regional Queensland so it’s helpful to have a clear picture of what’s happening where the two industries intersect.

Shared Landscapes is available on the GasFields Commission website as an electronic flipbook, a full report or it can be downloaded as individual chapters.

Be aware, the full report is more than 20 MB in size and so the flip book could save you some internet pennies.

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